Memorable Party Ideas For Baby’s First Birthday – Guest Post by Riya


1st Birthday Party Themes Your main goal for a first birthday party is to create a fun atmosphere. This starts when choosing a theme. Your theme should involve fun activities, as well as exemplify your child’s personality. Themes can be based on colors like pink and gold or yellow and grey, styles such as ‘shabby […]

The Week The Blog Stood Still…Summer Edition


It’s been a fantastic summer. And I’m not just talking about all the fun things my kids have done like summer camp, art camp, soccer camps, or family vacation trips out of town. The summer has also been FANTASTIC on the blog! I’ve had guest posts, stories and original content scheduled every week for months… […]

28 Signs You May Be a ‘GIRL MOM’ – Contributor Post for Portland Moms Blog


This is a contributor post I wrote for the Portland Moms Blog. Read the entire article here. There have been many viral posts written about being a ‘boy mom.’ Mothers glance lovingly at their raucous little men, and say things like, “Oh, he’s all boy,” and talk about how they are ‘noise with dirt on […]

Mothers and Teenagers, Full Circle – Doreen’s Story


The day had been a long one, and I was very tired. My mother and I had driven to my sister’s to help after the cesarean birth of her first child. The roads were bad, my father’s car didn’t handle well in the snow, and my nerves were shot by the time we arrived. And […]

Making Delicious Baby Food at Home – Guest Post by Ana, Author of Simple Baby Food

Ana Simple Baby Food

Making your own baby food at home is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s health and development. You control exactly what you put into the food and ensure baby is getting pure, clean food without any junk like preservatives. The bonus part of making your own baby food is that it saves you […]

Confessions of a “Spicy” Family


I just finished reading Jen Hatmaker‘s For the Love. If you haven’t borrowed it from the library, bought your own, or stole a friend’s copy, I highly recommend you do so, STAT. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Okay, it was probably when I read her last book! Anyway, the whole […]

4 Ways to Plan the Perfect Family Picnic – Guest Post by Jennifer


One of my favorite ways to bond with the kids is by going on a lazy afternoon picnic. My parents took me on lots of picnics as a child, and it’s a tradition I loved to carry on with my own family. I think that it’s one of the best ways to get the kids […]

And the Winner of the Declare Conference Scholarship Ticket is…!


I believe God has asked me to stay home from my annual blogging conference trip this year. And instead, offer my ticket to the Declare Conference as a scholarship to someone who needed to be there more than I. After receiving several entries, all with beautiful, touching stories about their journey to becoming writers, blogger, […]

The Best Thing in the World You Can Do – Guest Post by Doreen Frick


I used to love to run for office. In elementary school I wanted to be president. I wrote a speech, made posters, and gave out free pens, but I lost to a fellow classmate who was taller, more eloquent, and probably more interested in the actual office. I think I just loved to compete. If […]

A Vacation from Summer Vacation


Every year I complain about not having any real summer plans, then summer hits and it feels like time. Just. Wont. Slow. Down! So this year, I am wise to this problem, and prepared. Maybe too prepared… Last week was the last week of school for my second grader and kindergartner. And ever since there has […]