It’s Not a Competition – Contributor Post for Portland Mom’s Blog


I’m gonna be honest. There are moments of each and every day when I do not feel like I’m good enough. The voices I allow in my head tell me that I will never be, have or do what others seem to succeed so easily at. The blogs I read, the Facebook posts I see, […]

Making Max: Overcoming Obstacles and the Moments of Motherhood – Jen’s Story


My eleven-month-old son Max is taking quite a long nap. It’s giving me the opportunity to do some admittedly long-overdue spring cleaning. I started in our bedroom but ended up in the bathroom, staring at our horribly disorganized closet. My hands are full of yet more stuff to cram in there. I look at the […]

Love is a Choice – Summer’s Story


Even though I have been a mother for over 17 years, I still smile and feel the wonder of what it means. You see, I never really longed for motherhood. I was not the girl on other families’ speed dials for babysitting services. When I did babysit, I just ate snacks and barely tolerated the […]

Doing the Best You Can with What You Have – Sarah’s Story


I was born in 1984. Glass ceilings were being established, and bras had stopped burning. My mom wore shoulder pads, huge rose-colored rim glasses, and worked in one of the largest accounting firms in my hometown. She had an AA degree and a car she had paid for all on her own. She also waited […]

The Difference a GOOD Foster Mother Makes – An Unnamed Mother’s Story


My parents divorced when I was nine years old after being separated for eight. I am the middle child of three children. My older sister was eleven, and my little brother was eight when our parents divorced. In June of 1997 on Father’s Day I told my father that I was moving in with my […]

5 Reasons Why Millennial Children Want Independence – Guest Post by Patricia


“To ask nothing, to expect nothing, to depend on nothing,” is how American author Ayn Rand described freedom. One of the greatest life aspirations of most children is independent living; free from curfews, scheduled chores and parental supervision. In a recent study, millennial children (growing up around the turn of the new millennium) are considered […]

Wildflower Movie Review and Giveaway!


This week I was given a free copy of the movie Wildflower to review, and another copy to give way here. Although it doesn’t have a direct motherhood message, the plot sounded interesting to me because of my desire to help women heal from the shame and hurt of their pasts. Movie Background Chloe is a […]

Motherhood is Like Living in a Foreign Land – Casady’s Story


The night my first child was born the nurse handed him to me, pointed to a call button on the wall, and left the room. I was in a foreign country, recovering from an emergency c-section, with a strange creature in my arms and painful nipples. I could barely manage to drink from a glass […]