A Vacation from Summer Vacation


Every year I complain about not having any real summer plans, then summer hits and it feels like time. Just. Wont. Slow. Down! So this year, I am wise to this problem, and prepared. Maybe too prepared… Last week was the last week of school for my second grader and kindergartner. And ever since there has […]

5 Great eBooks for Kids – Guest Post by Cassie


Getting your children to be enthusiastic about books from an early age can be massively beneficial. Not only are they a brilliant tool for development and nurturing imagination and communication skills, but there’s no better way to keep your little ones quiet than letting them get lost in a captivating story. Thanks to advances in […]

4 Things to Know About Declare + a FREE Conference Ticket!


I love blogging conferences. With keynotes, socials, workshops, and panels they offer education, inspiration and just plain food for my writing soul. As a stay-at-home wife and mom of three kids just the solitude in a hotel room for a couple nights often gives me the silence and clarity I need to punch out a […]

How to Instill Creativity in Young Children – Guest Post by Sandra


This post has been sponsored. I have received compensation to share this content. Creativity is, first of all, creation, the starting of something new. In early childhood and preschool a child’s creativity is ignited by productive activities like drawing, modeling, and applique. The result is always something you can see or hold in your hand, […]

It’s Not a Competition – Contributor Post for Portland Mom’s Blog


I’m gonna be honest. There are moments of each and every day when I do not feel like I’m good enough. The voices I allow in my head tell me that I will never be, have or do what others seem to succeed so easily at. The blogs I read, the Facebook posts I see, […]

Making Max: Overcoming Obstacles and the Moments of Motherhood – Jen’s Story


My eleven-month-old son Max is taking quite a long nap. It’s giving me the opportunity to do some admittedly long-overdue spring cleaning. I started in our bedroom but ended up in the bathroom, staring at our horribly disorganized closet. My hands are full of yet more stuff to cram in there. I look at the […]

Love is a Choice – Summer’s Story


Even though I have been a mother for over 17 years, I still smile and feel the wonder of what it means. You see, I never really longed for motherhood. I was not the girl on other families’ speed dials for babysitting services. When I did babysit, I just ate snacks and barely tolerated the […]

Doing the Best You Can with What You Have – Sarah’s Story


I was born in 1984. Glass ceilings were being established, and bras had stopped burning. My mom wore shoulder pads, huge rose-colored rim glasses, and worked in one of the largest accounting firms in my hometown. She had an AA degree and a car she had paid for all on her own. She also waited […]